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NEW SERVICE - Golf Hole Flyovers 
RCA can now gather site data from your golf course and generate an accurate 3-D Model for golf hole flyovers.  These flyovers can be used for marketing on your website and allow players the opportunity to experience the hole by hole play and strategy before teeing up.  It is also a way for a player to choose which course to play depending on their level of experience.  A 3-D flyover of each hole is simply identifying which course is proud to illustrate what they have in store for each and every player that is interested in playing.  Some players just think it is an awesome tool to visualize what they need to do for each hole while in play.  PLEASE GIVE US A CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS at 231-360-7037!  This is such a new service we are open to helping you out with a payment plan or bottom line price.

RCA, LLC, a landscape architecture and land planning consulting firm, offers private and public sector clients with design, development, and planning services which include the following:

•Assistance with land divisions
•Municipal approvals (All types)
•Master planning for a single use or multiple uses
•Land Use Design Charrettes
•Assistance in getting special uses approved through your local government (Municipal approvals)
•Park planning
•Shoreline preservation
•Shoreline development
•Land Use Feasibility Studies

Please see below a sample from the wide range of projects RCA has worked on in the past.
Residential, Commercial, and Governmental Land Panning
( Morgan Farms )
( LochenHeath )
( Pilgrim Preserve )
( The Crown )
( Fairway Hills )
( Traditions )
( Chums Village )
( Galleries on Garfield )
Services that RCA can provide for site specific designs such as: residential and commercil site layouts to locate buildings; driveways; parking lots; etc.

•Initially we provide concept plans which are inexpensive and can quickly compare all ideas with dimensional site realities

•​Then, by using powerful and current technologies and hand graphics, RCA can develop many different illustrations to further define any proposed idea so that there can be a better understanding of what the final product would look like. In addition, these graphics are often used to promote projects for marketing and/or approvals at local government levels.

•Finally, RCA can provide final site plans, drainage plans, landscape plans, lighting plans, and irrigation plans for construction purposes. (Depending and the location and complexity of the project RCA would coordinate with a civil engineer and/or electrical engineer if required)

Please see below a sample from the wide range of projects RCA has worked on in the past.
Residential and Commercial Site Design
( Bayview Professional Centre)
( Children's Garden )
( Civic Center South )
( Galleries on Garfield )
( Grand Traverse Resort )
( Turtle Creek )
( House of Hope )
Services that RCA can provide you in developing 3-Dimensional Models to illustrate drainage issues, view corridors, proposed site developments, or just to market your property.

  • You no longer have to pay for a detailed property boundary and topographic survey to model your property in 3-dimensions. With today's technologies we can now gather specific site data for you and generate property elevations with the use of our global positioning system and/or aerial photography to illustrate your site into 3-D!

  • We can also create generalized 3-D buildings with ease to place on your 3-D site.
Site and Entrance Modeling
​The variety and quality of RCA's work is testament to our ability to comprehend each client’s unique objectives and provide the professional skills essential to bringing their visions into reality.  Having been involved in site and landscape design throughout northern Michigan for nearly three decades, RCA is particularly well-suited to provide landscape architecture services to clients throughout the region and state. RCA's landscape architects work collaboratively in developing design solutions specific to each project.  RCA produces a high quality product due to their depth of knowledge regarding who is a quality contractor and experience in construction management.
Commercial and Residential Landscape Design
( Children's Garden )
( Tamarack Lodge )
( Westport)
( Bayview Professional Centre)
( Grand Traverse Crossings )
( Grand Traverse Resort)
( Turtle Creek )
( LochenHeath)
( Elk Rapids & Mackinaw City Streetscapes)
In addition to successfully completing several projects with Tribes across Michigan, RCA is owned by Grand Traverse Band, LLC a Tribal holding company of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. RCA has a vested interest in the successful completion of Tribal projects and brings a unique combination of experience to the field. 

Services that RCA can provide Tribal governments in planning for future population growth and increased traffic volumes on and around their reservations includes:

  • Creating or Updating Tribal Long-range Transportation Plans
  • Developing Tribal Transportation Improvement Plans (TTIP)
  • Creating Indian Reservation Road Inventories
  • Planning and Administration for Tribal Road/Parking Lot projects
  • Coordination of entire project teams that could include civil engineers​, electrical engineers, architects, landscape architects, irrigation designers, and surveyors
  • Project Management and/or Construction Management or road projects
  • Provide access to the Federal Government's Road Inventory Field Data System (RIFDS)
  • ARRA reporting (Federal project reporting)
  • Land use master planning and site planning

Tribal Governments that RCA has worked for include the following.

  • Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
  • Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
  • Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
  • Bay Mills Indian Community
Tribal Transportation, Planning & Administration, Preliminary Engineering, and Construction Management
There are many types of permits that one may need to develop a site, move dirt on your lot, or even install a sign for your new business. Whatever it may be, let us know. RCA, PC can help you get the permit you need.

  • RCA, PC develops site plans for land use permits, grading plans for soil erosion control permits, sign elevations for sign permits, and more.
  • RCA, PC also have a licensed builder on staff who is very familiar with the building permit process as well, making it easier to plan a project from start to finish.
  • In addition, RCA, PC has experience with in applying for DEQ and US Army Corps of Engineers permits along shorelines
ROW Permits, Soil and Erosion Control Permits, Sign Permits, Land Use Permit, DEQ Permits etc..
RCA, PC can provide project management services to maintain quality controll and keep contractors honest when billing for completed work.

  • RCA, PC prides themselves on protecting both function and aesthetics of a planned project. With their background in Landscape Architecture and knowledge of construction, RCA, PC can put a stop to the standard "value engineering" that typically ignores the aesthetic aspect of a project.
  • RCA, PC also has the technology to measure quatities in the field with highly accurate GPS equipment to ensure make sure the client is paying for only what has been installed.
  • RCA, PC is experienced in managing projects ranging from $50,000 to over $4.5 million dollars.
  • RCA, PC is also well versed in dealing with Federally funded projects, including dealing with all paperwork required to gain a Notice to Proceed through final close out of a project.
Residential and Commercial Projects
RCA, PC is experienced in creating databases with ArcGIS. Along with RCA's highly accurate GPS equipment, they can gather geographical data from the real world and store it in ArcGIS geodatabase files. These files can store and organize many kinds/combinations of data useful for many organizations, governments, farmers, nurseries, etc..

  • RCA, PC can generate as-built files for: underground utilities; irrigation systems, road networks, signage, and crops.
  • RCA, PC can also help generate maintenance programs for facilities managers of larger corporations, golf courses, road commissions, and farmers.
Roads, Utilities, Signs, Real estate etc..